VersionDateSignificant Changes
1.0Mar 11, 2022Draft

Device Config

How to generate a device installation file for the desired environment?

Navigate to Warehouse Insight Installation Report using the search or if using the Insight Works Role Center - Warehouse Insight>Reports>Device Reports>Device Installation

  1. Select the desired Device Configuration
  2. Replace the highlighted text in yellow with an encoded company name i.e. Calendar%20Club
  3. Select the user
  4. Populate the Web Service Key from the User page (Actions>Show Web Service Key)


Unable to Scan barcode

Below is the configuration to be done for handhelds missing out on the check digit when scanning

Settings > Honeywell Settings > Scanning > Internal Scanner > Default Profile > Symbology Settings > UPC-A – enable 'send check digit'

If you face a similar problem with another symbology for instance EAN-13, you can follow the same instructions as above.

Item not found Error when scanning product barcode

Check the barcode rules table. It is possible that a barcode rule may be missing or not defined correctly.

Disable Screen Lock

Navigate to Settings>Security & location>Screen Lock and set it to Non

Review logs on handheld

Navigate to the menu>Show log and go through the log 

To extract the log, you can navigate to Configure>Logging>Copy Log.

You can consider change the log levels to debug or trace for more information


Remap a Button

Use case: Configure the right scan button to F9 that will Post the document  

(avoiding the need to go to the Menu>Post manually)

  1. Tap Settings>Honeywell Settings>Keyremap
  2. Tap the plus sign(+)
  3. Press the button (i.e. press right scan key) you want to remap or select the virtual button 
  4. Tap OK
  5. Tap Keys or Applications to view available functions
  6. Select the function (i.e. F9) you assigned to the button

Reconfigure to another service/instance

In case you already have an installed and configured instance on your handheld, and you need to change it to point it to another BC instance ex. currently the device is pointing to Test and you want it to point to production, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight App info and then click on Storage button
  2. Clear Storage, Clear Cache
  3. Reopen the app and you will prompted with the Manual Config window
  4. Scan the barcode for the desired environment from the Device Installation Report (as in above steps)