Pre-requisites (questions for client):

  1. Have you activated/setup your account in the Moneris Merchant Resource Center? 
    • If yes, is it QA/Production?  (Refer respective URLs below) You cannot log into a QA store using your credentials for the production store or vice versa 
    • If QA, then do you have test cards?
    • If Production, do you have a personal credit card that can be used for testing?
  2. Is the P400 connected to Moneris cloud?  Your P400 PIN Pad is connecting to the Moneris Cloud if you see a blue  Moneris Cloud icon in the top right corner on the P400 PIN Pad's "Moneris" idle screen.
     If you see a black Moneris Cloud icon instead, the P400 PIN Pad may be paired with your store but is not connecting to the Internet.
  3. Have you paired the device on the Merchant Resource Center? 
    • You can check it from the Admin>Cloud pairing section in Moneris Merchant Center portal and check the terminal ID is listed and paired. If not paired, then click on pair button. If the terminal id is not listed, contact Moneris. 
    • The terminal ID is an eight-digit number starting with "P1", which is also printed on a sticker affixedto the P400 PIN Pad.
  4. Are you able to test a transaction directly from Moneris portal on pin-pad? Refer Merchant Resource Center Manual link for the more details on the process 

Moneris Mechant Resource Center



Merchant Resource Center Manual

Quick Install Guide (P400) 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Hardware Station Config/Testing:

  1. Open hardware station management portal on the POS terminal: http://localhost:8088/
  2. In the pane, add a new EFT device name Moneris with payment device as Moneris
  3. Select this device Moneris and add below parameters:
    • Timeout: 10000
    • MerchantID: StoreID is provided by Moneris. You must have received an email from Moneris when you signed up. Alternatively, as Store administrator, If you have full administrative permissions enabled for your Merchant Resource Center store user account, contact Moneris by e-mail ( or by phone (1-866-319-7450)
    • TerminalID: Can check on the backside of the pin-pad for device id or terminal id starting with P1
    • API Token: Check on Moneris portal. Click on Admin>Store Settings in the main menu. When the "Store Settings" page displays, your store's API token will be shown in the "API Token" area on the page 
    • HostAddress: If QA, then If Production, then
    • TipOption:  Set tip options (string, ByAmountOrPercentage / ByDollarAmount / ByPercentage / Disabled). Please note that the option for tips is also available for configuration on Moneris Merchant Center portal
    • Load device
    • Test Purchase or Refund transactions from Hardware station - key in CAD as currency

Hardware Station Parameters for Moneris:

LS Central Config (High Level):

  1. Hardware Profile Setup: Sync the Hardware Profile to add the EFT device from Hardware Station. Note that the EFT will be added as an external device on Hardware Profile>EFT Tab
  2. POS EFT Card Setup: will be added for Moneris after sync from Hardware Profile. Alternatively you can create it manually if not using sync hardware profile.  Review/change parameters - 
    • Currency Code: CAD
    • Tips handling: Exclude. Change if need be. Other places tip parameter is set is on Hardware station and Moneris portal 
    • Card Type handling: Use EFT (related config in step #4 required to be done) 
    • Post Transaction after Void: Yes
    • Signature Verification: Always accept
    • EFT Recovery: On
    • EFT Request Log: Optional, Enable when need to troubleshoot    
  3. Card Payment button config (POS Menu): Create Tender Type Setup and Store Tender Types for Credit Card with further Card Types as Visa, Mastercard and other with respective G/L & Difference G/L Account. Assign this Tender Type on a button as parameter with command as TENDER_K
  4. EFT Type Mapping: Provide mapping of Card Type value defined in LS Central with the value returned from Moneris i.e. EFT Device in the Hardware Station (LS Pay) returns a property called CardIssuer that is stored in the Card Type Name field in the POS Card Entry table. This is usually a value like Visa, MasterCard, and so on. Sample file with EFT Mappings attached for reference.

EFT Mapping/related config: