*Setup used for Body Energy Club

Directing Printer Stations to Individual Printers

Below are the high-level configuration steps for Chit Printing tested in Cordova location:

  1. Add the respective network/shared printer (ex. CHITPRINTER) as windows printer on terminal
  2. Hardware Station: Add the chit printer in the printers tab (in addition to the receipt printer) and Print Test Receipt (right panel) to test print from Hardware Station 

LS Backoffice:

  1. Setup POS Printer for the Chit Printer (ex. CHITPRINTER) as WinPrinter and test print
  2. Setup Display Station Create a new display station (Windows for Windows printer, OPOS for OPOS/virtual printer)
  3. Add Hardware Profile KDS Printer (Display Station Page>Printing Tab>Hardw. Profile KDS Printers)– add the respective Hardware profile for terminal. Select KDS as the role, and respective display station as sub role as below 
  4. Section Display Stat. Mappings (Display Station Page>Mapping Tab – to route specific store/terminal/production routing to specific display station
    • Ensure the Production Sections have been defined and the associated Item Routing Sections have been defined for the chits to be printed to the respective printer based on the setup in Section Display Mappings