LS Commerce installation for single/multi-tenant is required as a first step. Refer LS Commerce for more details.

LS Central Config:

On the terminal card, you need to do the below:

  • Store = <No> Select respective Store #
  • Terminal Type=Mobile POS
  • LS Commerce Tab> Inventory Main Menu = MAIN, Inventory Device Type = Mobile
For the desired staff to be able to do operations from device, you need add a new staff/update existing with the below: 
  • Inventory Active=Yes
  •  Inventory Main Menu=MAIN (you can create staff specific menus later if wanted)
Once you have connected a device to the Production URL/Keys i.e. are able to ping and replicate data down the device, please share the terminal# and the device id from the respective the Terminal Card in BC and we will take it with LS and get back to you with a device license key.

*Other related setup in LS Central to be done is: 

Inventory System Setup, Inventory Codes, Inventory Menus, Inventory-Terminal Store, Inventory Location List, Inventory Management Setup, Inventory Devices, Inventory Bitmaps, Inventory Card Views, Store Inventory Setup, Store Inventory Worksheet Type/Setup, 

LS Link: How to: Set Up and Use the Mobile Inventory Solution and InStore Management


Download the app on android mobile/handheld from LS website:

Navigate to the Settings and configure below:

Server JSON: Enter the Server URL ex. 

LS Key: If it is a multi-tenant config, then you will need a key specific to the tenant/company ex. 431145ea-2afa-4adb-9dd6-1611546afa6a 

Store ID: Enter Store ID you configured in LS Central

Terminal ID: Enter Terminal ID you configured in LS Central  

Ping: If successful, you would get the below response

Once you go back to login screen, the system will try to replicate data from server to the handheld. Refer the status bar that is updated as the data replicates locally to the device.


Logs on device>

Logs on server: It should be in the folder with the Commerce Service is installed

ex. C:\LSCommerceService\CommerceService